Above: Cover designs for ibooks 2005. Below: Vanguard book design.

"Working with client and fellow designer, J. David Spurlock, on the Vanguard house style has been a unique process.
"The thing that makes it so rewarding is that the subjects of the art books are fascinating; Frazetta, J. Allen St.John, Roy Krenkel, Basil Gogos, Alex Scomburg, Wood, Kaluta, Buscema– a pantheon of inspiration."

"Editorial art direction and design for Wally's World not only required classic book-craft, but a great deal of research.
"Placement and context were vital, and thus quite a challenge. But Wally Wood was a childhood idol, so the task was very fulfilling,"

– Dean Motter

Below: Hyperion's Reduced Shakespeare circa 2006.

"Aside from the book design,the Reduced Shakespeare Company enlisted me to seek out rare historic illustrations or do 'em myself."

Above: Imprint, cover designs and composite illustrations for
Poison Pen Press 2003 mass market line.

Above: Dustjackets for ibooks limited edition graphic novel
and Michael Kaluta's sketchbook for Vanguard.

Working with a variety of the most talented illustrators and best-known authors in publishing,
Dean has created, designed and art directed books for various markets and audiences.

Dinosaur Illustraions by Wayne D. Barlowe

Robot Illustrations by Bruce Jensen

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