The Long Lost Air Pirate recording sessions by Jeffrey Morgan and Dean Motter available at last on iTunes! Featuring members of The Diodes, Martha & the Muffins, The Battered Wives, The Jitters, The Ian Thomas Band and others.


The Lost Air Pirate Sessions
Toronto 1977-1980

Available at last on iTunes!
Back in the 70s and 80s I was part-owner
of a recording studio in Toronto (it still operates today as Mars Studios.) At that time I was creating album cover and poster designs for many of Canada's most popular bands as well as up-and-coming acts. Often these musicians would guest on my and rock journalist Jeffrey Morgan's sessions as we created our own music. The tapes were lost for a time, but have at last been found, remastered and are now available on iTunes.

Paul Robinson (The Diodes) Vocals
John Catto (The Diodes) Guitar
Andy Haas (Martha + The Muffins) Saxophone
Toby Swann (The Battered Wives) Guitar

Mark de Domenico Vocals
Blair Packham (The Jitters) Guitar
Hugh Syme (The Ian Thomas Band) Piano
Pierre Ouelett Synthesizer

Kirk Devereaux Drums
Steve McKenna Bass Guitar
Jeffrey Morgan Keyboards
Dean Motter Synthesizers

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Special feature: Your Air Pirates booklet can be flipped over to display the alternate "Euro" cover in your jewel case depending on your state of mind.

"Finally! My name on the FRONT of an album!"
Dean Motter

Dateline: 2002. Publisher/ auteur Ralph Alfonso has expanded the purview of the Bongo Beat enterprise to include some wonderfully esoteric CD's. Among the most notable of these is a tasty number entitled Driving In The Rain: 3 AM - Songs To Get Lost With. It's a collection of previously unreleased tracks by Teenage Head's Dave Rave, Paul Hyde, Kevin Kane, BB Gabor, Tom Wilson, Katrina & The Waves, Kimberley Rew, Jackson Phibes, Ralph and others. One notable cut, 'A Darkened Stretch' from the Thrilling Women CD by Jeffery Morgan and Dean Motter has received some encouraging critical interest.

"…Let's put it this way: my 3:00 AM compilations (many of which I made long before I had even heard of this record, incidentally) involve the likes of Chroma Key, the Cure, Joy Division, Kid Loco, Pink Floyd and Massive Attack. Nowhere in that mish-mash of musical styles, subgenres and decades is there any trace of anything uplifting… RECOMMENDED TRACKS: "Celtic Cross" (BB Gabor), "A Darkened Stretch" (Jeffrey Morgan with Dean Motter.)"

- David Perri,
CHRW Radio, London, Ont. Canada

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