Above: Cover designs for ibooks 2005. Below: Vanguard book design.

"Working with client and fellow designer, J. David Spurlock, on the Vanguard house style has been a unique process.
"The thing that makes it so rewarding is that the subjects of the art books are fascinating; Frazetta, J. Allen St.John, Roy Krenkel, Basil Gogos, Alex Scomburg, Wood, Kaluta, Buscema– a pantheon of inspiration."

"Editorial art direction and design for Wally's World not only required classic book-craft, but a great deal of research.
"Placement and context were vital, and thus quite a challenge. But Wally Wood was a childhood idol, so the task was very fulfilling,"

– Dean Motter

Below: Hyperion's Reduced Shakespeare circa 2006.

"Aside from the book design,the Reduced Shakespeare Company enlisted me to seek out rare historic illustrations or do 'em myself."

Above: Imprint, cover designs and composite illustrations for
Poison Pen Press 2003 mass market line.

Above: Dustjackets for ibooks limited edition graphic novel
and Michael Kaluta's sketchbook for Vanguard.

Working with a variety of the most talented illustrators and best-known authors in publishing,
Dean has created, designed and art directed books for various markets and audiences.

Dinosaur Illustraions by Wayne D. Barlowe

Illustrations by Paul Rivoche and Dave McKean

Robot Illustrations by Bruce Jensen

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