Pacific Coast Shows signage

Dog Treats package illustration

Disney Graphic Novels unused cover illustrations

The Shadow comic book covers

Comic Book Covers various publishers

Mad Max Fury Road art book illustraion

Graphic Novel Covers Z-File books. Concept, design and illustration

Layers retail identity design. Above: Sample (themed) product hang tags

Comic Books and Concepts
© &™ Dean Motter
graphic novel proposal
Platinum Studios conceptual illustrations
© &™ 2005 Platinum Studios

DC Comics licensing style gude
© &™ 2005 DC Comics


Superman illustration © &™ 2003 DC Comics

from Superman's First Flight

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Hellblazer | The Prisoner

Mister X | Hostage

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner | Superman's First Flight

Electropolis | Batman


Occasionally collectors will commission works and when the rquest has struck my fancy, it has often produced interesting imagery.


In 1987 I designed and provided conceptual & engineering drawings and packaging illustrations for this line of dolls and accessories for Irwin Toys.


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